How does Bonazon.com Cashback work?

Cashback - the return of part of the amount paid for the purchase by the seller to the buyer. Bonazon.com is a virtual platform that allows its users to earn up to 50% Cashback from online shopping in partnership with online stores.

How it works

What is behind the magic?

Cashback is a variety of loyalty programs that reward the buyer. However, unlike bonuses, coupons and other benefits, users are paid real money. The amount of cash is measured as a percentage, i.e. calculated based on the amount paid. Simply, cashback is when the seller returns part of the amount you paid when making an online purchase. During this operation, Bonazon.com acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer.

In order for the online store to pay you Cashback, you must first register on Bonazon.com. Links to stores located on Bonazon.com are unique. When you click on them, information about your cashback service is transmitted to the store. When you follow the link and make a purchase, the online store knows that you want to receive cashback, and in case of a successful transaction, it pays you cashback through Bonazon.com .

Cashbacks are formed from the advertising budget of the store or product. That is, the price of products sold with cashback does not change. This amount is included in the price of the product from the beginning. The amount you get is not an advertising magic, but the amount you save. Today, it is possible to get back some of the money paid for most purchases using the cashback function. With Bonazon.com you can save a lot of money on online shopping.

Our advantages

Unique opportunities to make the most of your online shopping as a member of Bonazon.com .


Get back up to 50% of your money from hundreds of online stores.

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Discount coupons to save on your costs when ordering online.


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