Bonazon.com browser extension

Install Chrome browser extension, it became easier to get cashback from online stores. Install and activate the :source browser extension; Go to online stores, your cashback will be calculated automatically.

Browser extension

It is the first virtual service in Azerbaijan that returns a part of the amount paid when shopping in online stores. Register on Bonazon.com, activate your account and start shopping in partner stores.

Notifications about cashback

When you enter the online store where you can get cashback, the Bonazon.com browser extension will inform you about it. After activating the cashback account, you will receive a refund for your purchase. Note that the browser application is activated only when accessing partner online stores. Browser Extension doesn't activate on non-partner websites.

List of stores

With Bonazon.com browser extension you can get a list of partner online stores, the amount of cashback and other information. In addition to the hundreds of partner stores available on the site, Bonazon.com also cooperates with new stores, adding them to the system, in order to create more opportunities.

Coupons & Campaigns

The Chrome Browser extension will let you know if there are special discounts, coupons and promotions in the online stores you visit. Most promotions are automatic, and some can be activated with special coupon codes.