Boost Your Earnings with Referral Bonuses: A Guide to Inviting Friends on Bonazon

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    21-03-2022 07:03

Did you know that you can earn ad revenue without shopping yourself? By inviting your friends to join Bonazon, you can benefit from the cashback amounts they earn. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the referral process and explain how to maximize your earnings with Bonazon.

How Referral Earnings Work

When you invite friends to join Bonazon and they become members, you can earn a bonus from the cashback amounts they earn. People who were not previously members of Bonazon, and who click on the link specifically created for you by [Source] and sign up, will become part of your referral network. You'll receive referral income for all approved purchases made by these people that qualify for cashback.

For each new member you invite to the system with a link defined specifically for you by Bonazon, you'll receive a 5% referral income based on the cashback they earn from each approved purchase made through Bonazon. Referral income continues indefinitely for every purchase made by the members of your referral network created through your invitations.

Finding and Sharing Your Friend Invite Link

You can locate your friend invite link on your Bonazon profile. Simply copy your link and share it with your friends via social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or email.

Please note that the friend invite link is intended for personal use and sharing among your friends only. If you wish to promote Bonazon to a broader audience (e.g., if you have a website, YouTube channel, or social media page), we recommend using our Partner program (Link Shortener section).

Understanding Pending or Canceled Cashback from Referrals

If the cashback you earned by inviting a friend is still pending or has been canceled, consider the following:

  1. Your friend must register on Bonazon using your link.
  2. They need to shop at one of the stores that Bonazon partners with and earn cashback.

If the cashback bonuses you've earned appear to be pending, it means that your friend's cashback has not yet been approved by the store. If your friend's cashback is canceled, your invitation bonus will also be canceled. However, if your friend's cashback has been approved and your friend invite bonuses have been canceled, we recommend contacting Bonazon for assistance.

Before using the friend invite program, we encourage you to review the terms and conditions of the program.

Inviting friends to join Bonazon is a great way to earn referral income and boost your overall earnings. By sharing your unique invite link with friends and helping them discover the benefits of cashback, you can create a referral network that generates income for you in the long run. Get started today by sharing your link and inviting your friends to join the Bonazon community!